Facts and Statistics about Cheap Stock Photos

cheap-stock-photosCheap stock photos are an important tool for bloggers, web designers and businesses. They help attract and retain readers and customers by enhancing your message. They are a critical tool to their marketing and storytelling strategies. Here are some general visual content statistics that back up the significance of cheap stock photos according to Hubspot:

  • Colored visuals increase the people’s willingness to read content by 80%. In every generation, people consider colored visuals such as cheap stock photos as an important factor to read a piece. Whatever topic your website is about, stock photos can help enhance your message – provided you use the appropriate image.
  • People retain 65% of information when they read content with visuals. While they will read your content, studies show that they will only retain 10% of the information written in your website. That’s why a relevant image should be paired with your piece.
  • 46% of marketers consider cheap stock photos as critical to their storytelling and marketing strategies. For them, their marketing and storytelling techniques won’t be as effective without images. 47% consider their importance and only 15% think otherwise.
  • Marketers select cheap stock photos as their most important content. Behind blogging at 45%, 34% of markets consider visual content as the most important. Next is videos at 15%.
  • 65% of senior marketing executive consider visual content as the main method of communicating their core message. These include photos, infographics, videos and illustrations.
  • Content paired with the right image get 94% more views. Compared to content without cheap stock photos, blogs, web designs and websites with visual content have views rate.
  • 39% of marketers think that more budget should be allocated in visual content. Many stock photo sites already offer cheap stock photo just like from this link. Not all expensive images have better quality than their more affordable counterpart. Just find the perfect plan for your creative needs.
  • 55% of content creators plan to prioritize visual content this year. Social media posts with images generate more engagement than their full text counterpart. Social media experts even recommend adding images to all posts for more clicks and shares. Even articles with images get twice the number of shares than those without images. Still not convinced with the power of cheap stock photos? Instagram has grown to over 400 million users last year.

Are you planning to incorporate cheap stock photos into your marketing strategy? You are on the right track. Find that stock photo that matches your content for a more effective campaign. Do not forget to add images to your blogs, social media posts, web page and web design. If you want to generate more traffic and engagement, look for your preferred stock photo source now. Consider your creative needs and budget to find the best plan for you.